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Denise with concertinaI play the ENGLISH concertina. It is built differently than the anglo in that there is only one note for each button (sounding the same on both push and draw), while the anglo has two differing notes depending on the push or draw.

Watch me play with the staff at Alaska Fiddle Camp 2006:

The anglo is more often used among traditional Irish players, but I enjoy playing my English instrument at sessions. My aim is to "blend" with other players and produce an acceptable adaptation of style.

I have produced a CD of Irish tunes on concertina:
The LAPTOP CD is available
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You can usually find me playing concertina every Thursday night at McGinley's Pub in Anchorage, where there's a great Irish session. I do play other styles of music on concertina: old-time fiddle and dance tunes, for example, though I mostly seek Irish tunes when I'm ready to add something new to my repertoire.
Denise at Afternoon in Ireland 2005

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